Pool Update
Posted on May 14th

The pools was converted to a saltwater pool!  This was done for a few reasons.  Anyone that has ever swam in a saltwater pool says it feels better to swim in and is better for your skin.  A saltwater pool will not leave you feeling as though you just got out of the ocean, and the water will not taste salty like the ocean, more like a tear drop.  Instead, this system is meant to provide us with the same benefits as a chlorine-based system pool, without the large amounts of harmful chemicals. Another reason was the lower cost of maintenance and when it gets really hot, it's much easier to keep the pH levels where they need to be.  It also helped significantly decrease the high level of chlorine fumes in the pool house.  So, come try it out and take a dip - when it warms up!
We are replacing the pool furniture this season.  The current furniture is pretty worn out.  We are expecting the new furniture hopefully by the middle of July.  We will post the old furniture on CraigsList. If anyone wants chairs, tables or loungers feel free to contact us and we will put you on the list.
Some maintenance around the pool has been completed, such as caulking around the deck and replaced cracked deck grates, but a little more needs to be done. The caulking around the inner edge of the pool is scheduled to be patched within the next month.  At the end of season, when the pool is drained, the brick tiles around the pool will be redone and the pool "polished" to reseal and smooth it out.
We are excited for a great summer at the pool! Please let us know if you have any questions.